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Earn shopping commissions to donate to charity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be logged in to shop?
  2. How do I change my address or other account information?
  3. How do I change my password?
  4. Can I use my social media login to access IShop2Give?
  5. How quickly will my rebates be posted to my account??
  6. How quickly will my donation(s) be made once I designate them?
  7. I didn’t get my rebate from a purchase I made, what should I do?
  8. Why are my Rebates locked?
  9. Why do some stores have varying rebate rates?
  10. Why was my rebate less land the advertised rate?
  1. Yes, in order to shop, accumulate rebates, and donate to your favorite charity, you need to be a member and you must be logged in.
  2. Login to www.ishop2give.com and click on “My Account” at the top right, enter your new information and click Update.
  3. Login to www.ishop2give.com and click on “My Account” at the top right, click the “Change Password” link. Enter your new password and click Update.
  4. Still needs an answer!!!!
  5. Your rebates are typically posted within 3-10 days, however some stores may take up to 30 days to post.
  6. We send designated donations typically within 30-45 days. If you think there is an error please submit an email to us via our “Contact Us” link www.ishop2give.com
  7. Remember it can take up to 3-10 business days for these transactions to post. We track all of your clicks to insure that you receive the rebates you earn. If it has been more than 10 days, Click Here. Fill in all the information on the form and click “Submit”.
  8. Rebates are locked if there is a return during the return period or if there is any problem with a fraudulent transaction.
  9. Some of our stores do offer varying rates on certain items. The stores control this rate and you will receive the Rebate as given by the store.
  10. Sometimes our stores may have varying rebates on a particular item that the store sells. We give you rebates based on what we receive from the store.